Thursday, December 6, 2007

Encarta "Right Click" dictionary

What if you find an English word on a web page whose meaning you don't know? Does it make you irritate to find the meaning of that word by other means e.g. MS Word or something else?
Wouldn't it be useful if you can see the meaning of that word in browser itself by just "right-clicking" the word akin to that we do in MS Word. Below is the solution...

Click below link to download "Right Click" encarta dictionary. It is used to see the meaning of the words on web page in a browser.

To use it, right click any word in IE (supports version 4.0 or later) and you will see a link "Encarta Definition" below the link "Export to Microsoft Excel" in the last of the menu. Click the link "Encarta Definition" and a popup will open containing the meaning and pronunciation of that word.
On the same page (the link given above for download), click the tab "Dictionary" to search English words.
I found it amazing.

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